The Realities of Interference in Our Elections

Meeting Was Held On -

Wednesday, July 3, 2019 12:07 PM

Some of the important topics we covered:

  • Bots, what are they and how to we recognize them? (Automated responses to key words)
  • We have reached a point where we no longer trust what we read and see in the media. Social media creates ‘silos. We receive what they know we want. Can newspapers be trusted?
  • What happened to journalism? What happened to the requirement of having 3 pieces of proof before publishing? What is today’s the ‘jungle drums’ (McLuhan),  bringing forward the temper of the times?
  • We discussed ‘free speech’. A treasured right for most of us, we accepted that the US (and others) have sullied the intention, allowing statements that are discriminatory, and blatantly untrue. ‘My free speech stops when there is danger or exclusion of other individuals or groups.’
  • We also discussed the vote, another treasured right for many of us, but for one member, pointless when considering the abusive political system we live with.
  • Critical thinking is, and must continue to be taught in schools- at least in Canada….
  • Some positive approaches to all of this? Support responsible journalism (The National Observer was recommended), teach media literacy critical thinking, and anti-racism education in schools.   (All Humanist principles…)

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