Upcoming Events,
As of May 24th 2022

Patriarchy and its influence on our culture
Meeting Date is Sunday, June 12th, 2022
Location: Zoom meeting

This would be the 4th time Joachim Ostertag will have spoken to GBH. The details of his topic hasn’t been decided yet but we are sure it will involve Patriarchy! His last presentation on “the connection between Patriarchy and Climate-change denial” was fascinating.

World Humanist Day – sunset
Meeting Date is Tuesday, June 21st, 2022
Location: Owen Sound area

World Humanist Day is also the longest day of the year. Not sure what event we will plan, but we will try for a sunset location and event. Stay tuned!

Comparing capitalism with the “gifting” system of First Nations
Meeting Date is Tuesday, September 13th, 2022
Location: Zoom meeting

Our meeting will include a presentation on comparing the capitalist system we live in, with the “gifting” system of First Nations where even “money” may not exist. The latter system may have been successful for 10,000 years, and our own for only a few thousand. Capitalism is an infant in age and some feel, pathological in intent.

Our presenter David McLaren has been a past NDP candidate for the GBOS riding and an award-winning communicator who’s been working hard to tackle income inequality and environmental threats in our community. In addition to coordinating communications for Nawash and Saugeen, he has been an environmental consultant both for the Assembly of First Nations and the Chiefs of Ontario. David has been heavily influenced by his wife Lenore Keeshig-Tobias. Lenore is an Anishinabe storyteller, poet, scholar, and journalist and a major advocate for Indigenous writers in Canada. She is a member of the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation.


Past Events

Sunday | April 10th 2022
Discussion of "Why Men Made God" by co-authour Karis Burkowski
Zoom meeting
Sunday | February 13th 2022
Our Humanist perspective
Zoom meeting Feb 13 on Humanism
Sunday | December 12th 2021
Amnesty International - Update