The Meaning of Life

Meeting Was Held On -

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 12:12 PM

Another Wed. evening really well spent….. Hope those of you who couldn’t come, join us when possible.

The topic was broad and almost comical, the meaning of life. The conversation travelled from the future of AI, to the realities of aging, to climate change and the effect of religion, the fact that there is not really an inherent ‘meaning’ or purpose to any one life.

The meaning of our life is what we give it!

We ended with a fascinating introduction to, and discussion of the one celled ‘blob’ or slime mould. It has not yet given a scientific designation, being neither animal nor plant. Google ‘slime mould’ for further information.  Truly fascinating!

Some recent decisions:

We will not be participating in the Santa Claus Parade as no one came forward to march. We will however pursue participating in the One World Festival and the Pride Parade next year.

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