How Capitalism Relates to Our Humanist Values

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019 12:02 PM

Definition: “Capitalism is an economic and political system that depends upon private ownership and profit rather than ownership and control by the state.”

This system has worked well for many privileged people (including many of us) but can actually be contrary to many of our humanist principles. Capitalism tends to result in great inequity!

People brought up the need for better laws to control the inequities, and a far fairer distribution of wealth. A basic minimum annual income would help as would a higher minimum wage.

But with the types of leaders we currently have, how would we achieve this? It’s seems undoable. Is there a project or activity that our group can create locally to address the inequities? Although we can never expect to get rid of the selfish cruelty we are witnessing, maybe small, local, grass roots actions can be potentially successful approaches.

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