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Sunday, December 13, 2020 10:25 AM

We tried something different this month, asking everyone how they saw the Grey Bruce Humanists, and to suggest what might make it even better. There were so many wonderful ideas. We really do have a creative, perceptive, and thoughtful group.

We basically brainstormed, recording everyone’s thoughts and suggestions:

  1. Open 2021 with an explanation of Humanism. What is Humanism, historically and in the present? (This will take place January 10!) What are the principles of Humanism?
  2. More on the environment- (The Victoria, BC Humanists have a committee devoted to this issue)
  3. A more formal organization? Dues, a governing board, formal membership, etc.) very few of us encouraged this idea.
  4. Liaise with, and incorporate information, from Amnesty International.
  5. Liaise more closely with our local Indigenous neighbours
  6. Continue to liaise with Dying with Dignity. Continue to focus on MAiD.
  7. Participate in the 16 days of activism, mainly aimed at violence against women.
  8. Link further to Humanist Canada, especially their newsletter
  9. Do more promotion: a new logo, t-shirts, sweatshirts; consider asking the Sun Times and Rrampt to write an article about our organization.
  10.  Encourage everyone to read Barack Obama’s book The Promised Land
  11.  Another book recommendation- Tanya Talaga’s Seven Truths
  12. Remain locally focused
  13. Consider the age of our members- should we be asking younger members to suggest topics that would attract people in their 30’s 40’s, etc.?
  14. Take a narrower focus in 2021- perhaps with a ‘theme’.
  15.  Focus on topics where religion, and religious groups, have been discriminatory (ex. Dignified Death, Abortion, Gay and Lesbian Rights
  16. Housing, homelessness, affordability, addictions – these are local realities
  17. Conduct an on-line attitude survey of the members who wish to remain on our list, but do not typically attend meetings.
  18. Ask Chris di Carlo, (Critical Thinking) Jesse Wilkinson (Rrampt Magazine) and Joachim Oestertag (Patriarchy) to speak.
  19. Liaise with other local agencies and services who already offer some of the local needs we may wish to address.

We sincerely hope that some of you will want to consider one or more of these ideas, perhaps come to a Zoom planning committee meeting, (a few meetings a year), or help arrange a great potential speaker.

Thought and Ideas from our Grey/Bruce Humanist participants.

Protective Mothers in Family Court By Esther Gieringer

The Link Between our Climate Crisis and Violence Against Women and Girls By Joachim Ostertag

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