November – dinner / discussion

Since one of MY priorities is a great meal, our next get-together will take place at
Sabitri’s Global Cuisine, (I will request that there be menu options at all levels of hotness, 0-10.)

We were going to look at whether Grey Bruce Humanists might consider renewing the custom of “passing the hat” and then making a donation to a chosen organization. Everyone liked the idea but we couldn’t decide whether the choice should be local (Ex: Safe and Sound ), topic driven (Ex: MAID), individual (Ex: the work of David Suzuki), a public speaker, or perhaps a large organization (Ex: Amnesty International).

What are YOUR priorities? (

On February 2nd of this year, Bill C-39 allowed the temporary exclusion of eligibility for MAID, in circumstances where a person’s sole underlying medical condition is a mental illness until March 17, 2024. Once their policy is revised, we will organize a public meeting and speaker at the Owen Sound Library. We hope this will be sometime early next year.

Event Details

Date -

Wednesday | November 8th 2023

Location -

SABITRI ‘s Global Cuisine

Start Time -

5:30 PM

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