March Gathering

Hi Everyone,

Our next meeting of the Grey Bruce Humanists will take place on Wednesday, March 29 at 6:00 pm. at Sabitri’s Restaurant at 941 2nd Ave. E. There are lots of food choices, mild to spicy, they are licensed, and the staff is happy to rearrange tables to suit our numbers. Hope you can come!

Some interesting recent topics we can consider:

Ethical Issues Related to CRISPR Gene Editing Technology Link#1   Link #2

Our first thought was, if CRISPR Gene Editing were actually that easy, it suggests that ethics becomes irrelevant to human action. Decisions will continue to be decided on short term financial gain. One more scientific tool to exploit and wire Corporate brands into our biology.

If we want social good, what is social good? Does it include the collapse of our culture, allowing nature to more quickly recover from the destruction we brought upon it?

As Humanists do we need to pray to the electron void and ask AI to save us from ourselves? Where would it start? Maybe AI will make things so expensive that the ability to support the “more” is not possible.

Grey Bruce Humanists

Event Details

Date -

Wednesday | March 29th 2023

Location -

Sabitri’s Restaurant

Start Time -

6:00 PM

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