Humanist Gathering and Discussion

Hi Everyone,
Just coming from another lively discussion and a Yummy Yummy dinner.
The topic was: If we could design a really successful society, what would it look like. And why might it be hard to achieve?

What would help?
-a Universal Basic Income
-an emphasis on human rights and the Declaration of Human Rights
-election of intelligent, empathetic leaders.
-A revamped voting system
-voter education  for all
-Education focused on rendering children critical thinkers and informed voters

What impedes the process?
-Capitalism (untold accumulations of wealth)
-no understanding of the concept of having ‘enough’
-too much power in the hands of the super wealthy; no distribution of wealth
-authoritarian governments ; China was discussed both as a vicious government and one that is really trying to address the poverty in the country
-uninformed voters

We seem to be a group of like-minded people! Perhaps we needed a few more pro-capitalist members to spice up the discussion!

Next gathering: Wednesday, July 26, 5:30 pm, Yummy Yummy Restaurant, Owen Sound
Topic: How do we as Humanists, carry on respectful conversations with a religious people?

Keep cool!

Event Details

Date -

Wednesday | July 26th 2023

Location -

Yummy Yummy Restaurant

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5:30 PM

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