Discussion on future Grey Bruce Humanist meetings

Normally this would only go out to the planning committee but we are sending this to all on the Grey Bruce Humanist email list who have somehow identify with the issues of Humanism.

Bob and I (Terri) were thinking of our next steps for the planning committee and realized that we (Terri and Bob), after 16 years, need to see others take the lead.

I would like to meet with the planning committee and any other interested people, to discuss some ideas for future Grey Bruce Humanist meetings. Let’s have a coffee and explore some ideas for a future format for our meetings!


Event Details

Date -

Thursday | November 3rd 2022

Location -

Thé Palette Cafe (also GBARTS) (between 9th and 10th St. E., Owen Sound)

Start Time -

2:00 PM

Past Events

Wednesday | June 5th 2024

June – Dinner/discussion


5:30 PM

Wednesday | May 1st 2024

May – Dinner & Discussion

Yummy Yummy

5:30 PM

Wednesday | April 3rd 2024

April – Dinner and Discussion


5:30 PM