December – dinner/discussion

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday, December 13, 5:30 pm at Sabitri’s.

A big welcome to new members, Francis and James, both of whom contributed so much to the discussion.

Ethics- What is it? How do we develop it? Demonstrate it ?

Plenty of answers, with some more complicated than others! Many in our group hold capitalism and exclusivity of religion as responsible for much of our society’s selfish, greedy, uncaring behaviour. We discussed poverty, “buying cheap”, the pros and cons of WalMart, and our desire to accumulate ‘stuff’. Can we learn to desire less?

Organized religions offer their members community, affiliation and a sense of belonging. Let’s continue to organize events which can help Humanists acquire these huge advantages- without religion. We may not celebrate Jesus’ birth but there’s no reason we can’t individually usher in Winter Solstice as a colourful, delicious festive season.

Event Details

Date -

Wednesday | December 13th 2023

Location -

SABITRI ‘s Global Cuisine

Start Time -

5:30 PM

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