April – Dinner and Discussion

On March 6th we had our monthly humanist meeting. As usual, it was lively and stimulating! The food at Indian Desires was exotic and delicious. Welcome Shelley, Jim and Alec. So glad you could come.

In our discussion, opinions ranged from :

it is never appropriate to kill and eat animals. They are sentient beings, as are we

to “I definitely create classes; we humans can eat other animals without guilt “

to “it’s ok- as long as they have a pain free and unanticipated death”.

We asked why it’s ok in Canada to eat cows but not dogs, pigs but not cats: – exploring cultural differences in diet.

The next meeting of the Grey Bruce Humanists will take place on Wednesday April 3 at 5:30 pm. We will have our dinner meeting at Yummy Yummy  (251 10th St E, Owen Sound, Owen Sound) We originally thought Sabitri’s, but they had a family emergency.

Topic- Personally, how do you deal with the news?

Some examples are: Election of thoughtless and cruel leaders? Evidence of poverty and homelessness? Treatment of our First Nations? The Hamas / Israeli war? Starvation in an African country? Trump’s   opinions and their struggle for democracy? Etc.)

Should the GBH’s once again “pass the hat “ at each meeting, and then use the money to make a donation? Host a speaker?

Event Details

Date -

Wednesday | April 3rd 2024

Location -


Start Time -

5:30 PM

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