Our Humanist perspective

Let’s compare notes and influences on our Humanist perspective!

  • What was your first experience with Humanism?
  • How did you arrive at a Humanist viewpoint?
  • Secular Humanists are concerned with religious influences on our culture. Is this important to you?
  • What programs or talks would you like to see in future months?

As a lead-up to this topic, we are including a link to a video made in the 90´s. It is a 20 minute segment of Man Alive with R H Thompson, called Among the Godless. (Shameful admission – Terri Hope is in it.)

Event Details

Date -

Thursday | January 1st 1970

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Start Time -

12:00 AM

Past Events

Wednesday | April 3rd 2024

April – Dinner and Discussion


5:30 PM

Wednesday | March 6th 2024

March 2024 – Dinner / Discussion

Indian Desire

5:30 PM

Wednesday | February 7th 2024

February 2024 – Dinner / Discussion

Yummy Yummy

5:30 PM