Elder Abuse

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Sunday, February 10, 2019 11:59 AM

Members of the Grey-Bruce Humanist group met at Marg Gaviller’s house to hear about Elder Abuse and discuss it with Colleen Purdon.  Bob Garnett reported that there was $850.00  in the treasury fund and then Marg Gaviller introduced Colleen.

The term “elder abuse” (senior abuse) is what happens to older adults who are mistreated, usually by someone they know and who are often family members.  Abuse happens when a person limits or controls the behaviour of a senior.  The elder person cannot react because they are afraid of the being humiliated, hurt, or abandoned.  This abuse can be physical, verbal, emotional, financial, sexual, spiritual or neglect.

We can help by following these three steps:

See it– get to know the warning signs of abuse

Name it – talk to the victim and tell them what is worrying you

Check it – ask questions, check with professionals and safety planners.

There are many warning signs: the senior admits to being abused, physical injuries ,signs of neglect and changes in behaviour or regular activity and money situations, plus……..

Colleen said that like any domestic violence, elder abuse is very difficult and complicated to deal with.  But generally:

Be patient

Listen carefully

Ask how you can help

Respect their decisions even when you don’t agree

Learn about safety planning and find out how to get in touch with local services.  For example, Victim Services Bruce Grey 1-866-376-9852 and Senior’s Safety Line 1-866-298-1011 and , of course, 911 in a real emergency.

The facts were brought home with many personal stories that were shared.  It was a very enjoyable and informative way to spend a Sunday morning. Thanks Colleen.

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