“Baby It’s Cold Outside” – What Is No Longer Acceptable? Why? What Changed?

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019 11:57 AM

While it is impossible to follow the full thread of our last library discussion, here are a few comments, questions and topics we debated:

“Baby it’s Cold Outside”- a perfectly fine, fun song that listeners heard as playful flirting, or an example of harassment- ‘no means yes’?

Although we have a long way to go, our culture has begun to take notice of systemic abuse, harassment, discrimination. (Me Too, Harvey Weinstein, political behaviour )

Some comments:

Me Too was long overdue

Me Too is going too far- often one is considered guilty until proven innocent

Women between 15 and 35 are different from those of us over 60.

We talked about

The organization Sheatre, and how they are working to make change male entitlement, teaching and modelling compassion to very young children, as a way to reduce bullying, racism, and homophobia.

We talked about ‘political correctness ‘. When did respecting the rights and feelings of ‘the other’ become a negative quality? But do we sometimes go too far?

When we are in the company of someone who makes a discriminatory remark, as hard as it is, we must speak up. Otherwise, they assume we agree.

Some approaches: “Well I don’t see it that way’ or “please don’t speak that way around me” or “I feel hurt by your remark.”

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