A Humanist’s Approach to Death and Dying

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Sunday, May 6, 2018 8:43 PM

True it was a difficult topic, but we managed to have some laughs while taking the subject quite seriously.

Ruth reviewed the importance of having a Power of Attorney (POA), for both financial affairs and personal care. Having a lawyer and family members who understand and accept our wishes is essential. It is even useful to include clauses that are not currently legal (ex. Advanced Directive for Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) in cases of future dementia). It may very well be legal at the time of your death.

Ruth stressed that it is best to have several copies of all documents, EACH HAND SIGNED , and distributed to your chosen POA’s , lawyer, Doctor, etc.

Terri reviewed the questions Humanists often receive.

If there is no afterlife, what happens after death? (Long answer, perhaps part of another discussion)

What do you say to someone who offers to pray for you even though you don’t see the benefit of prayer? (Answer: Offer a sincere thank you)

The funeral- it’s about how you wish to be remembered (write your obit now, and continue to live that way)

Then Ruth and Terri ‘role played’, first a Humanist officiant and a dying person, and second a religious adult child whose dying mother is a Humanist.

Throughout the presentations and role playing there were tons of questions and heartfelt personal stories.

Here’s a quote Terri offered if someone tells you that humanism is “just another religion”.

“Humanism is a religion like abstinence is a sexual position “.

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