The Rise of the Far Right

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018 8:41 PM

What’s driving the growth of the alt-right and the extreme-right movements in North America, Britain, and elsewhere? Is it simply a backlash against politically correct language demands, minority groups requesting special privileges, jobs going to foreign workers, etc., or is there something darker at play? Should we be worried?

Oh well, talking about the rise of the far right did not leave any of us feeling joyful and full of optimism, but it was another thought-provoking, in depth discussion. Thanks Andre Pettijean for starting it all off…

Some salient comments:

The US needs a more robust left, with new leadership as well as clear aims and focuses.

Extremism is counter-productive, both on the right and left.

We must avoid a feeling of resignation, and focus on some hopeful signs that things are changing (300,000 people at the recent march on Washington , non- election of Roy Moore, etc.)

An organization people may wish to check out: Centre for Policy Alternatives

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