The Legalization of Marijuana

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Sunday, July 8, 2018 8:45 PM

It was impossible to keep up with the amount of fascinating information and experiences presented by our presenter in July. Constable Craig Peddle is a certified instructor, trained presenter, and is a court qualified expert on criminal street gangs. He is quite knowledgeable regarding narcotics, firearms and organized crime.

Equally as important, he is open-minded, friendly, approachable, a great speaker and good listener. Needless to say, our group had a lot of questions and comments. We are lucky to have him here in Owen Sound.

PC Peddle’s primary aim was to discuss the upcoming legalization of cannabis, and what that will mean for the public and for the police. Unfortunately, although some of the details will be clear to us by the date of legalization, October 18, there will still be many unknowns. What constitutes ‘inebriation’, i.e.: being stoned? When should someone avoid driving? What age would be most appropriate to permit purchase of cannabis, considering the adolescent’s still-developing brain?

Officer Peddle is fully in favour of legalizing the adult use of marijuana. It will reduce the number of people having a record- those arrested and incarcerated for possession. Although there is no empirical evidence that cannabis is addictive, there are particular personalities which are more vulnerable to its’ influence than others (as with alcohol).

He is also concerned that if people buy from private dealers rather than the government source (the LCBO will sell it), it could be laced with nicotine or other drugs which ARE addictive. (Best way to keep customers.) He advised that it’s best to stay away from buying cannabis, if you don’t know where it came from.

A huge thank you to Craig Peddle for his provocative and informative presentation!!!  We learned a lot.

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